Tagion Technical Paper

This paper describes an alternative implementation of a Distributed Ledger Technology
(DLT) network compared to a classical network such as Bitcoin. Most other DLT networks
use Prof-of-Work consensus mechanism to secure Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) of the
data storage. In the Tagion network, the BFT is based on the Hashgraph algorithm and data
storage on a new type of Distributed Hash Table (DHT) which makes it efficient to maintain
a distributed database and guarantee BFT. The Hashgraph algorithm is deterministic and
not probabilistic, allowing ordering of transactions. The order of transactions combined
with the Lightning Network and the Tagion matching and settlement protocol constitutes a
Decentralised Exchange (DEX) protocol on the Tagion network.

To reduce the probability for the network to be taken over by an evil group of actors, a
new governance model is proposed, which does not rely on a central control or a group of
master-nodes. It is built on the ideas of self-governance of common resources and democratic
principles resulting in a Proof-of-People protocol and reputational scoring model that relies
on the nodes to engage in dialogue with each other.

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