Tagion FAQ

Is Hashgraph patented?

No, the Hashgraph mathematical proof itself is not patented, because only inventions can be patented, not the science itself as the mathematical proof. Swirlds own the US Patent_9,646,029_B1 claiming a distributed database system that reaches consensus with a proof of stake model and the Hashgraph algorithm. Swirlds have filed the patent in US and Australia. The patent application got refusal in Korea and has chosen not to continue the national phase in Germany (EU). Tagion used the math behind Hashgrpaph in a completely different way, in a different context, which is its P2P distributed database technology.

Tagion as well filed patents in EU, that are related to the gossip and security mechanisms and the database technology.

Who governs Tagion?

The users of the system. The more trust score you have in the system, the more voting power you have. Trust is calculated as honest work over time.

More, we are trying to extend the governance model to reward all actors in the model, which could be divided into four main categories: Sense-makers - like core concept developers, Value-makers: programmers and nodes, relation makers like evangelists and services on top and decision makers.

What is the business model behind Tagion?

Our business model is to build commercial services on top of the Tagion network. Anyone else can do it as well. We do hope to have some first-move advantage, but the rules are the same for everyone, including us.

When the network will launch?

We plan to launch the main network by the end of 2020.

How can I contribute?

There are many ways to contribute: concept development, software development, documentation, evangelism etc. If you want to contribute, say hello in the intro topic and we’ll go from there.